Questions and answers about the reopening

Dear guests!

We would like to provide you with answers to some useful questions that may have been asked by you after the reopening!

– Did the trainings start after the reopening?
– No, so far no group or even personal training has resumed, you only have the opportunity to climb on your own.

– In the new system, I see time zones as hours, are these workouts?
– No, these are free climbs, you need to register to these to enter the gym.

– If I go with my partner, do we both have to log in separately?
– Yes, each entry requires a separate registration and reservation.

– Can an escort come with me?
– Only if you take a as a climber and pay for admission.

– If I arrive earlier, can I wait on the terrace before entering?
– No, you can only wait outside our gym, as the maximum number of people applies to the whole property, including all its areas. You can enter and change clothes 10 minutes before the climb time.

– If the climbing time has expired, can I still extend it?
– No, the 150-minute climb time applies to gym use and once it has expired, you then have 10 minutes to change and leave the gym (before the next group arrives).

– How does the expiration date of passes change?
– The expiration dates of gym passes (10 occasion/ unlimited season passes) were frozen upon closing and reactivated after opening.
Training passes will continue to be paused until you have the opportunity to go to workouts again.

– Does the new system correctly show my remaining opportunities and the expiration date of my pass?
– Unfortunately, there may be bugs in the new system for the time being, which we and the developers of the program have noticed and are currently working in order to fix them as soon as possible. Your passes and related information will not be lost!

– Can I enter with an AYCM card / FELDOBOX coupon?
– Yes, we will continue to accept them.

– Can I rent climbing shoes?
– Yes, you can rent at the reception.

– Can I arrive by bike?
– Yes. We ask you to place the bikes in the bike storage in front of Mammut 2, if possible, as only 2-3 bikes can be stored on our terrace.

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us!