Gravity Boulder Bar will reopen its gates for the climbing community on Tuesday, May 12th.
Your safety is still top priority for us, therefore we are introducing the following temporary restrictions and gym rules (these are subject to change as we keep monitoring the situation and update the rules accordingly):

– A maximum of 20 people can enter the gym at the beginning of each hour
– Before and after climbing we provide 10-10 minutes to change
– The climbing time is limited to a maximum of 2,5 hours per person per day
– Pre-registration is required
– Sauna cannot be used
– The changing rooms can be used by up to 4 people at a time
– The use of hand sanitizers is mandatory when entering the room, before entering and leaving the climbing area, these are provided by the gym.
– It is mandatory to wear a mask both when staying in the gym and when climbing
– The use of liquid magnesia (even in combination with powder) is highly recommended
– Please pay online or by credit card if possible

How we contribute to the safety of the room:

– Constant ventilation
– Disinfectant soaps
– Frequent disinfection of changing rooms, door handles, washbasins and toilets

You can now register for the time slots at this link!
You can do so by activating the email (please check your SPAM folder) sent out by our new system. Once you activated your account, you will be able to book appointments. You can sign up for these time slots a week in advance. We accept a maximum of one registration per day from each climber. You can arrive 10 minutes before the start time of the climb and after the end you have 10 minutes to change and leave the gym. We kindly ask that you pay attention to these times to help avoid having more people in the room than allowed (including the patio and community spaces). You can’t pay online right now, only on the spot (please use a credit card!). If you register but do not show up, we will first issue a warning and then periodically restrict your access.
Admission: 2500 HUF
Discounted admission: 2000 HUF
Student entrance: 1500 HUF / 2000 HUF
Flow ticket: 2000 HUF
Discount period: Monday to Friday 06-14 hours
Student period: Monday to Friday 06-15 hours; weekend
Flow period: from 9 pm on weekdays and from 8 pm on weekends (in this case you can climb 120 minutes!)
Your passes can be reused after reopening!