Gravity Boulder Bar offers a whole new bouldering course system for those who want to improve their climbing abilities. Our courses are held by verified and experienced climbers during every opening hour spanning 2, 2.5 and 3 hour sessions.  We are sorting each class by abilities and we limit the amount of participants at 12, so we can ensure the highest quality. You can join the courses with the course tickets or passes alongside the entry fee. Applications for the courses can be done via the following link either if you only want to come once, or you want to apply for a longer period to ensure there is a place for you! For English courses please search for the “EN” indicator in the training schedule. As of course you can apply for a course at the reception as well, however note that in case a course is full, we won’t be able to sign you up!

We kindly ask you to cancel your application 24 hours in advance in case you cannot make it for the training course, otherwise a one-hour training fee will be charged by the system on your account.


Children courses:

We expect children between age 8 and 14 for these courses, who are in the process of getting familiar with this sport or already have experience, but would like to progress quickly with the assistance of a trainer. These training sessions are 1,5 hours long, including warm-up, technical training, playful and complex tasks on the wall, body-weight workouts and streching. The courses are held in small groups, maximum 10-12 people. In case of childer under age 8, we recommend the training courses of Hoparduc Foundation. The trainer can make an exception in case of especially advanced and skillful children, however, a preliminary appointment is necessary for this option.

Beginner courses:

We expect application of those primarily who are just getting familiar with climing or would like to
refresh the basics. We practice and analyse all the moves used during climbing starting with the basic techniques, followed by tasks with movements requiring more complex coordination. In addition to technical training we focus on developping general fittness by the various climbing related tasks given during the training course and also by the workout sessions at the end of each training. These training courses are 2 hours long and the headcount is limited at 12.

Intermediate courses:
We expect the application of those who already gained experience with climbing, know the basics of bouldering and currently are at a level of completing our yellow (B3) coloured boulders . The trainings are climbing oriented, the groups are divided into subgroups and the climbers are given boulders in a certain way to improve their technical skills and strenght. Great focus is given to improving motor and coordination skills, complex training programs and workout programs. These training courses can be 2, 2,5 and 3 hours long, the maximum headcount is 12.