The Finnish sauna with a capacity of 16 people is located on the 4th floor at the top of the stairs to the right, at the place of the former training gallery. The new sauna area features a brand new sauna cabin, showers, a drinking fountain and a relaxation area. The sauna world can be used with an RFID card, that can be requested at our reception for 600 HUF.

Rules of the sauna and the wellness area:
– It is forbidden to enter the spa area in shoes.
– Slippers are mandatory throughout the area.
– The wellness area is only open to guests over the age of 14.
– In the wellness area immoral behavior, loudness, etc. are not allowed which disturbs the peace of other guests.
– It is forbidden to use the sauna in drunken and intoxicated states.
– It is mandatory to use the shower before and after using the sauna.
– It is forbidden to bring slippers into the sauna.
– Please place a towel or sheet on the sitting/lying surfaces, even underneath your feet when using the benches in the sauna.
– The use of essential oils is not permitted without the presence and permission of the sauna master or the staff operating the sauna, as there is a risk of fire and accident. Otherwise, the staff will order the violator to leave the spa immediately.
– For proper and healthy use of the sauna, it is recommended to use the wellness area without a swimsuit, with a sauna sheet or towel.
– During the sauna programs, participants are not allowed to wear a bathing suit, however, the use of sheets and / or towels is mandatory for them!
– Discreet behavior, such as the use of towels or sauna towels, is expected outside the sauna during the duration of the sauna programs.
– It is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos of the wellness area, including its equipment and other persons using the sauna, without the official permission of Gravity Boulder Bar.