About us

Tamás Vörös – Operations and courses

Founder of Ujjero Boulder Gym and pioneer in bringing the recognition of the sport to a whole new level in Hungary. Tamás has been organizing climbing events and courses for almost a decade. His expertise combined with a colorful personality made hime one of the most reputable mountain guide in the country. Also his 10+ years of experience in gym operations in invaluable for the Gravity Boulder Bar.

Tamás Zupán – training and facilities management

Tamás Zupán is the most successful Hungarian boulderer of all time, whose hardest ascents are usually getting significant media coverage in the international climbing community. As of today he is the only boulderer in the country who ever completed a climb graded 8c. His dedication and scientific approach in training earned him a very unique position among instructors in Hungary.

Zoltán Komjáti – Lead Instructor

Zoli is arguably one of the most influential boulderer in Hungary as of today. Since 2004 he repeated not only the hardest sports climbing routes of Hungary, but also more than 50 boulder problems graded Fb 8A/+ or harder at the most renowned climbing spots of Europe.

Gabriella Komjáti-Szücs – Creative

Owner, designer and producer of KOGAMI manufactory. Gabi supports Gravity Boulder Bar and her creative projects through her experiences and set of skills gained during the past years as a manager in a multinational environment.  Lover of outdoor bouldering.

Gábor Erdős – Instructor, IT

Gábor got into climbing during his university years through Ujjero climbing gym. During the past 8 years he’s been leading tours, climbing trips and got engaged in rock climbing education via organising climbing courses.

Gáspár Bonta – Design and Communication

Experienced designer with a demonstrated history and outstanding international media recognition of working in the industry. Pairs unique artistic vision with up-to-date professional and technical skills and understanding of business development.