Gravity Spring Jam

We welcome all amateur and professional competitors to our Gravity Spring Jam boulder competition
on 9th March!

Location: Gravity Boulder Bar, 1024 Bp. Lövőház u. 2-6. Mammut 1, 3rd floor

Pre- and on-site registration is possible.
You can pre-register at the following link: after logging in under
verseny/competition". The deadline for pre-registration is 8th March, 20:00.

The pre-registration is valid once the entry fee is paid at Gravity reception or purchased in the online
shop ( (until 8th March).
If you are not using your own user account for the registration, or if you want to pay for more than one
registration at the same time, please include the names of the competitors at the billing details in the
comment field.

You can cancel your registration by the pre-registration deadline with a full refund of the registration
fee. In case of cancellation after the deadline, we will not be able to refund your registration fee. If you
wish to change your group, you can do so under the competition registration menu until 8th March.

The registration fee includes the start package (1200Ft buffet coupon) and participation in the boulder

By registering you agree to the gym’s rules and regulations, the disclaimer, the privacy statement and
the competition rules and that you may be included in moving and still images taken at the event, which
may be used by the gym for promotional purposes.

The competition entry fee is 6000Ft for pre-registration and 7000Ft for on-site registration.

Please note that we can accept up to 33 participants per group.

Participation is recommended for those born in 2010 or before

– amateur
– professional
Entry requirements for the amateur/professional category:
For the amateur category, we expect the application of those:
– who have not climbed a 6C/6c boulder/sports climbing route in the last 2 years
– my current experience is that I do not climb red routes in my home boulder gyms
– I have not been on the podium in an amateur competition
For the professional category we expect the application of those for whom the following statements are
– I have not climbed a 7C/7c boulder/sports climbing route in the last 2 years
– I have not climbed black routes in my home bouldering gyms
– I have not stood on a podium in a Hungarian Cup Competition

Saturday (03.09): amateur, professional categories
07:30: Registration opens (Registration is continuous, but closes 15 minutes before the start of the
08:30-10:15: Round 1
10:25-12:10: Round 2
12:20-14:05: Round 3
14:15-16:00: Round 4
16:10-17:55: Round 5
18:05-19:50: Round 6
20:00-23:00: After party

The rules of the boulder competition:
– male and female, amateur and professional competitors can compete in the same group in the
competition rounds;
– competitors of a given group climb simultaneously during the time allotted to them;
– there is a time limit of 105 minutes to solve 16 boulders;
– the number of attempts is not limited in any category;
– a total of 20 boulders will be built for the competition; the amateur category will not climb the 4
hardest routes, the professional category will not climb the 4 easiest routes.
– no finals will be held for any category, so the final result will be based on the 105 minutes of climbing
– results will be recorded by a judge. The routes will be evaluated according to the International and
MHSSZ competition rules (1. number of tops, 2. number of zones, 3. number of attempts on boulders
climbed, 4. number of attempts on zones reached)

Prizes: The first place in each category will receive a trophy, the first three places will receive a prize and
a medal, the first six places will receive a certificate.

Responsible for the organisation: Tamás Vörös 06/70 222 30 65