Summer Boulder Jam

Date: 10 June 2023.

Gravity Boulder Bar, 1024. Lövőház u. 2-6. Mammut 1 Business Building, 3.floor.

By pre-registration and on site.

By 16:00 on 9th June at under comptetition menu.

The pre-registration is valid upon receipt of the paid or transferred entry fee in Gravity (until 4pm on June 9th)

Entry fee:
Pre-registration: 5500 Ft
On site registration: 6500 Ft
The entry fee includes the start package (2X600Ft buffet coupon) and participation in the race.

Information for transfer:
Topout Mászósport KFT (K&H Bank)
Bank account number: 10400872-50526880-48691006
Note: NAME+Gravity Boulder Jam

You can cancel your entry until the pre-entry deadline (June 9th at 16:00) with a refund of the entry fee.
In case of cancellation after the deadline, your entry fee will not be refunded.

Group modification:
You can change your group on the pre-registration interface until June 9, 16:00.


  • Professional Women
  • Professional Men
  • Amateur Women
  • Amateur Men

Entry requirements for competitors in the amateur category:
Registrations for this category are welcome from those who have not climbed a 7A/7a difficulty boulder/sport climbing route in the last 2 years.
If you have not climbed outdoors, this grade in the gym means you can climb the green boulders, and  you may climb a few of the red ones.
If you’ve managed to get on the podium in an amateur competition, you’re invited to compete in the pro category and give others a chance.

Participation in the competition is recommended from the age of 14.

50 people per group can enter the competition.

Competition programme:
08:15: Gate opening, registration starts
(Registration is continuous, but closes 15 minutes before the start of each round)
09:00-12:00: First round
12:15-15:15: Second round
15:30-18:30: Third round
18:45-21:45: Fourth round
22:15: Announcement of results
00:00: Gate closing

The Boulder jam rules:
The competition will take place on the climbing walls on the lower level of Gravity, where 60 boulders will be set. The marking of the routes and their difficulty distribution will be the same as in our normal operating order. Registration of results will be done on a self-reported basis, either on your own mobile or on the tablets provided for this purpose. You will be able to keep track of the routes you have climbed in the route registration system (boulders menu) in our app, and you will be able to follow the status of the race and your results live in the rankings menu.
The different difficulty levels will give you different scores (white 10, blue 30, yellow 80, green 200, red 500, black 1000) and we will distinguish between FLASH (first attempt – multiplier 1.2) and TOP (1.0 multiplier for the first attempt).
The routes can be climbed in given time intervals by climbers registered for that group.

The winner is the climber who scores the most points in 180 minutes.

The first three winners will receive a prize, the first six winners will receive a certificate!

By entering, you agree to the gym’s rules and regulations, the disclaimer, the privacy statement and the competition rules, and that you may be included in moving and still images taken at the event, which may be used by the gym for promotional purposes!

Contact details:
Tamás Vörös 06/70 222 30 65 ;