COVID information – 30/04

We are pleased to announce that we are opening our gates for those climbers holding an immunity certificate, but not having a competition license.
Another good news for our competition climbers is that, according to the issue of Magyar Közlöny, competitive athletes over the age of 18 – with the aim of taking part in a competition or in preparation for a sports event – they can visit our sports facility.
Immunity certificates will have to be presented upon arrival along with an ID card.
During the stay in the gym and during climbing, a mask must be worn.
Body temperature is measured at the entrance.
Our buffet is up and running again.
We open the showers.
The sauna will remain closed.
We kindly ask you to book a place in our system (, under the competitor booking menu, for the time when you want to climb, as this is the only way we can guarantee your entry (in the reserved time zone!).
Currently, our climbing gym’s capacity is limited at 45 people.
Under the current regulations, your tickets entitle you to180 minutes stay in the gym! Please adhere to this as long as the current regulations are in place, helping your fellow competitors get to climb, without us exceeding the maximum number of people allowed in the gym at a time!
From Monday we will restart our trainings, for which you can register under the classes menu.
From May 3, we will extend our opening hours as follows:
Monday 06-23
Tuesday 06-23
Wednesday 06-23
Thursday 06-23
Friday 08-23
Saturday 10-20
Sunday 10-20
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! We look forward to seeing you all!