Gravity National Boulder Cup and Amateur Boulder Competition

We are pleased to host the first National Boulder Cup in Gravity’s history – the last of this year’s National Boulder Cup series – on 23-24th November. Competitors and spectators at all ages are welcome.

Date: 23-24 November 2019

Venue: Gravity Boulder Bar, 1024. Bp. Lövőház u. 2-6. Mammut 1 shopping mall

Both pre-registration and on-site registration is possible.

Pre-registration is available at the following site from 25th October to 15th November .
During the first week only certified competitors will be able to register, we open the pre-registration on 2nd November for those not obtaining sports medical license and/or race permit and for those competing in the amateur category.

The pre-registration becomes valid once the registration fee is transferred to the following bank account of Ujjerő HSE: 16200209-17070476 (Magnet Bank) or paid at the reception at Gravity Boulder Bar. The registration fee must be transferred the latest until the registration deadline (15th November), otherwise the registration will be cancelled and these places will be made available for on-site registration.
Pre-registrations can be cancelled with a refund of the registration fee until the pre-registration deadline (15th November). Following the pre-registration deadline no refund will be made in case of cancellation.

In case you wish to modify your starting group you can do so on the pre-registration website until 15th November, following that please contact István Zoltán Tóth at, +36 30 884 1868
The registration fee includes the start package (isotonic drink and chalk) and the participation in the competition.

On-site registration:
On-site registration is possible on the day of the boulder competition by completing the registration form and paying the registration fee.
On-site registration is only possible in case of vacant places in the groups following the pre-registration.

With your registration you accept our terms and conditions (house rules), the liability statement, the GDPR and the terms and conditions of the competition, furthermore you accept that images/videos can be taken of you during the event and these could be used by the gym for later on for marketing purposes.

Pre-registration fee: 4500 HUF
On-site registration fee: 5500 HUF

Ad hoc start permit (required for those not obtaining valid competition license): 1000 HUF

Please note that we can accept up to 180 registrations (45 registrations per group)


Amateur (born in 2005 or prior)


– Mini (born between 2010-2013)

– Kids (born between 2008-2009)

– Teenager (born between 2006-2007)

– Youth B (born between 2004-2005)

– Youth A (born between 2002-2003)

– Juniour (born between 2000-2001)

– Open/Adult (born in 2005 or prior)

– Senior (born in 1979 or prior)

Registration conditions for the amateur category:
We expect the application of those who climbed up to the grades of 7A/7a in the last 2 years in boulder/sports climbing. In case you do not climb outdoors on rock this means that you are confidently climbing green boulders and sometimes manage red boulders. In case you already stood on the podium in an amateur competition we kindly ask you to register in the professional category. Climbers born before 2005 can register in this category.


Saturday, 23rd November:
Youth A, Youth B, junior, senior, open and amateur categories

08:30: Opening of registration (the registration is continuous, but closes 15 minutes prior to the upcoming round)

09:30-11:30: Qualification 1st round

11:45-13:45: Qualification 2nd round

14:15-16:15: Qualification 3rd round

16:30-18:30: Qualification 4th round

19:45: Finals

21:30: Results

Sunday, 24th November:
mini, kids, teenager categories

08:30: Opening of registration (the registration is continuous, but closes 15 minutes prior to the upcoming round)

09:30-11:15: Mini

11:30-13:15: Kids

13:30-15:15: Teenagers

We announce the results right after each category.


– in the qualification rounds both male and female competitors may take part, the boulders will not be differentiated by gender.

– in the qualification rounds both amateur and professional climbers will compete in the same rounds

– Competitors will have 120 minutes to solve 20 boulder problems ( in case of mini, kids and teenager categories 90 minutes)

– Each competitor will have 5 attempts per boulder problem in the qualification rounds
– the grades of the 20 boulders in the professional category will be as follows: 7 easy, 6 medium, 7 hard

– the grades of the 20 boulders in the amateur category will be as follows: 7 easy and 6 medium boulders will be the same as for the professionals, 7 boulders will have various difficulties

– the boulders of the professional and amateur categories will be clearly identified and marked

– the specific group’s competitors will climb at the same time the qualification as per the pre-defined timelines

– all categories’ final results will be based on the qualification rounds except for the open/adult category

– the attempts and performance will be recorded electornically by judges based on the start numbers of the competitors.


– 6-6 competitors(male and female) will qualify for the finals from the open, professional category

– only competitors obtaining valid competition license and sports medical license can qualify for the final

– different boulders will be set for male and female competitors for the finals

– competitors qualified for the finals will have to wait at the isolation zone while waiting between the boulders

– in the finals 4 boulders shall be climbed in a pre-defined order, in an onsight style.

– 4 minutes climbing time is followed by 4 minutes rest

– number of attempts is not limited

The calculation of the results both in the qualification and final rounds will be based on the international and national (MHSSZ) competition rules: 1. Number of tops, 2. Number of zones, 3. Number of attempts on tops, 4. Number of attempts on zones


The open/adult category will have money prize:100.000.HUF (50/35/15) will be given those on the podium (both male and female)

Professional category:

The first ones per each category will win a cup, the first 3 competitors will win medals and prizes, the first 6 competitors will get certificate

Amateur category:

The first 3 competitors will get prizes, the first 6 competitors will get certificates.

Tengerszem Túrabolt, KOGAMI, Mountain Hippy, MHSSZ, Red Chili

The competion is organized by the Gravity Team in association with Ujjero HSE.

Main contact: Tomi Vörös +36 70 222 3065 ;