First Ascent Fridays

We re-set the whole colour boulder section of Gravity every 3 weeks, when our routesetters build 120 new boulders in all 4 sectors (A, B, C, D) at 6 difficulty levels. Both beginners and pro climbers can find easy boulders and challenging ones. Tags are placed at the starting holds of each boulder to inform the climbers of the starting position, the way to top the problem and the style of the boulder. The resetting of the boulders are managed during the night from Thursday to Friday (except for the resetting after competitions), not to interfere with our opening hours. The following day after the route setting we host our First Ascent Fridays event, where you can be the first to climb the new problems. Climbers can vote on their favourite boulders in each sector. Results are announced at 11:00PM along with the route setters of the winning boulders and it is followed by a tombola with valuable prizes. We welcome our guests with extended opening hours until 01:00AM and craft beers. Looking forward to seeing You there!