Gravity spring Jam

Join us on our very first amateur bouldering cup followed with a spectacular professional invitation only bouldering show!

The competion is organized by the Gravity Team in association with Ujjero HSE.
Main contact: Tomi Vörös +36 70 222 3065 ;

Both pre-registration and on-site registration is possible.

For pre-registration, please visit the following site ( until 8.00PM on 10th March 2019. The pre-registration becomes valid once the registration fee is transferred to the following bank account of Ujjerő HSE: 16200209-17070476 or paid at the reception at Gravity Boulder Bar. The registration fee must be transferred the latest until the registration deadline, otherwise the registration will be cancelled and these places will be made available for on-site registration.
Pre-registrations can be cancelled with a refund of the registration fee until the pre-registration deadline (10th March). Following the pre-registration deadline no refund will be made in case of cancellation.
The registration fee includes the start package (including a T-shirt) and the participation in the boulder jam.

On-site registration:
On-site registration is possible on the day of the boulder jam by completing the registration form and paying the registration fee.
On-site registration is only possible in case of vacant places in the groups following the pre-registration.

Pre-registration fee: 4000 HUF
On-site registration fee: 5000 HUF
Please note that we can accept up to 180 registrations (45 registrations per group)

Registration conditions:
We expect the application of those who climbed up to the grades of 7B/7b in the last 2 years in boulder/sports climbing. In case you do not climb outdoors on rock this means that you are confidently climbing green boulders and sometimes manage red boulders. Climbers born before 2007 can register for the competition. With your registration you accept our terms and conditions (house rules), the liability statement, the GDPR and the terms and conditions of the competition, furthermore you accept that pictures/videos can be taken of you during the event and these could be used by the gym for further marketing purposes.

Rules of the competion:
Competitors will have the chance to climb 24 boulders in 120 minutes. The number of attempts will not be restricted, the results will be calculated based on the current MHSSZ rules (TOPS, ZONES, number of attempts per TOP, number of attempts per ZONE). Each attempt will be monitored and registered electronically by judges.

Amateur Men
Amateur Women

08:30 opening
09:30-11:30 group 1
11:45-13:45 group 2
14:30-16:30 group 3
16:45-18:45 group 4
19:30 Results – Award ceremony
20:30-22:30 Invitation only women’s competition
23:30-01:30 Invitation only men’s competition
02:00-04:00 Party – DJ sets

Sponsors: KOGAMI, Tengerszem Túrabolt, Mountain Hippy